How can I get BotCoin?

There are a few ways you can get BotCoin:

  1. 20% of BotCoin tokens are allocated for partners and ecosystem development. If you are a bot or AI developer and want to learn more about how to join and use BotChain services for the benefit of your customers, sign up at https://botchain.network/partners
  2. Join our Private Sale, currently open. Accredited investors who are looking to invest $50K (or equivalent) or more ($100K for funds) can invest in SAFTs and secure a 30% discount in the cost of BotCoin. To learn more about the SAFT, contact [email protected]
  3. Purchase BotCoin in our Public Pre-Sale. Join the Whitelist [LINK] to secure a 25% discount during our Early Access period. After the Early Access period, discounts decrease as more BotCoin is sold.
  4. Purchase BotCoin in our Public/Crowdsale Sale, to be held after the BotChain platform launch in Q3 2018.
  5. Earn BotCoin by contributing to our curated registry of bots. More details on how to earn BotCoin will be made available in late 2018.

What is the Pre-Sale Schedule?

The BotChain Pre-Sale runs from May 8 and June 28.

Now - May 6 (4pm UTC) : Join the Whitelist and complete KYC/AML and accreditation requirements to ensure access to Early Access.

May 8 (4pm UTC) to May 10 (4pm UTC): Early Access Period. Contributors who joined the Whitelist are eligible to buy BotCoin and secure a 25% discount.

May 11 (4pm UTC) to June 28: Standard Pre-Sale. Discounts vary from 25% to 0%, reducing as more BotCoin is sold.

Our Public/Crowdsale will be held in Q3 2018, if unsold BOTC remains.

What providers are you using for the ICO?

Our ICO will be conducted on Orderbook (www.orderbook.io) , an ICO platform and exchange built by Ambisafe. Orderbook is a decentralized token exchange and ICO platform built on Ethereum and implemented via state-of-the-art smart contracts. With over $200M+ raised and 30+ ICOs conducted, Orderbook’s security track record is impeccable. Ambisafe has focused on security from the inception, being one of the first to implement second-factor authentication, secure password recovery and multi-sig wallets in its products.

Cooley is our legal counsel, and is one of the most experienced US law firms navigating ICOs, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. We receive marketing support from Renowned & Co, and AmaZix helps us with community management.

Who is eligible to participate in the Pre-Sale?

In order to purchase BotCoin through our public pre-sale, you need to pass KYC/AML checks. These will be conducted by Onfido at https://botchain.network/token-sale-register

Accreditation is also required for citizens of Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Israel, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Singapore and Switzerland.

Residents and citizens of North Korea, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Cuba, Macao, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Burundi, are prohibited from participating.

Note we are continuously reviewing the eligibility criteria for participation in this sale with our advisors and legal counsel, and this list may be subject to change without notice.

What is the process for buying BotCoin in your Pre-Sale?

Thank you for your interest in purchasing BotCoin. As part of our pre-sale, we require identity verification and, where required, proof of status as an accredited investor. Although BotCoin is a utility token used to access services on the BotChain, given an ambiguous regulatory climate we are being extra conservative and, on the guidance of our counsel, are requiring accreditation at this time.

  1. Register for the Whitelist/Presale at https://botchain.network.
    1. Provide basic identifying information, including how much you are interested in purchasing (this is non-binding). Our token sale will be completed by Orderbook. Click Get Registered or log in with an existing Orderbook account. Verify your email and phone number to secure your account with two-factor authentication.
    2. Return to https://botchain.network/token-sale-register complete KYC/AML requirements. A drivers license, national ID, or passport is required. This will take 2-24 hours to be validated, and you will receive an email from Orderbook.io once it is complete.
    3. If you are from a country that requires accreditation, you will be prompted to verify your accreditation status. Return to https://botchain.network/token-sale-register to provide what information is required by your country. This may take up to 24 hours to complete.
    4. Once you are approved, you will receive email confirmation. You are not on the whitelist until confirmation is received.
  2. When the Early Access Pre-Sale, participants who were approved to the Whitelist before it closed will have forty-eight hours to complete their payment to secure the 25% discount via the embedded Orderbook widget at https://botchain.network. Early Access does not guarantee that you will be able to purchase tokens during this period, but it does guarantee that if tokens are available, you will receive the 25% discount.
  3. After the Early Access period has ended, we will revert to the pre-established discount schedule. For example, if 2M tokens are sold during Early Access, the next tranche of tokens will be available at a 10% discount.
    • 400,000 BOTC to be sold at 25% discount ($1.875/BOTC)
    • 1,200,000 BOTC to be sold at 15% discount ($2.125/BOTC)
    • 2,400,000 BOTC to be sold at 10% discount ($2.25/BOTC)
    • 3,200,000 BOTC to be sold at 5% discount ($2.375/BOTC)
    • up to 14 800 000 BOTC to be sold with 0% discount, at $2.50. Exact number to be confirmed after Private Sale and Early Access periods close.
  4. After payment has been made within the Orderbook widget (via USD, ETH, or BTC), tokens will be transferred to your Orderbook wallet.
  5. Tokens will not be able to be exchanged, sold, or transacted until 30 days after the Public/crowdsale sale closes.

What is your minimum purchase amount?

The minimum purchase during Early Access is $25K or equivalent.
The minimum purchase during Standard Pre-Sale is $10K or equivalent
The minimum purchase during the public crowdsale is $100 or equivalent.

What currencies do you accept?

We accept USD, ETH, or BTC, as well as Shapeshift.

How does the BotCoin Discount Schedule Work?

BotCoin is offered with the volume-based discounts. As more BOTC is sold, the available discount will decrease. The numbers in the Orderbook Widget show how many BOTC will be sold in each phase of the sale before the discount is lowered. Orderbook is our ICO platform provider (see above).

Early Access: up to 22 000 000 BOTC available at 25% discount ($1.875) for 48 hours

Public Pre-Sale:

  • 400,000 BOTC to be sold at 25% discount ($1.875/BOTC)
  • 1,200,000 BOTC to be sold at 15% discount ($2.125/BOTC)
  • 2,400,000 BOTC to be sold at 10% discount ($2.25/BOTC)
  • 3,200,000 BOTC to be sold at 5% discount ($2.375/BOTC)
  • up to 14 800 000 BOTC to be sold with 0% discount, at $2.50. Exact number to be confirmed on May 11 after Private Sale and Early Access periods close.

What is your soft and hard cap?

Soft cap is $10M, Hard cap is $40M. There are a total of 22,000,000 tokens available for purchase; any tokens not sold will be burned.

Why do you have a hard cap of $40M?

Our soft cap is $10M, as this is what we estimate it will cost to get BotChain up and running and supported by the ecosystem. This is a popular project, as it solving a pressing problem for a growing industry, so we have set a high hard cap to allow as many people as possible who want to contribute to be able to do so. Any tokens that are not sold in the pre-sale and crowdsale will be burned.

How does your Whitelist/Early Access work?

Our Whitelist allows for interested buyers to secure access to the 25% discount.
Buyers who complete their KYC/AML/Accreditation checks before the Whitelist closes are eligible to participate in Early Access. When Early Access opens, buyers will have 24 hours to pay and complete their transactions at the $1.875/BOTC price (a 25% discount). This does not guarantee that tokens will be available, however any available tokens will be sold at this price.
If you want to guarantee that you will be able to purchase BOTC, you may want to participate in our Private Sale of SAFTs. Contact [email protected] for details.

When will I get my tokens?

Immediately after purchase, BOTC will be transferred to your Orderbook wallet. They will be yours, but not available for transfer or release from the wallet until the lockup period ends. Lockups vary from 6 months to a year, depending on phase.

Private Sale: 6 months from platform launch.
Public Pre-Sale: thirty days from end of Public/Crowdsale. from end of sale.
Public Crowdsale: 30 days from end of sale.
Team & Talla Holdings: 1 year from platform launch.

Am I required to hold BOTC in an Orderbook wallet?

Yes. BOTC cannot be exchanged until one year after the sale is complete. At that point, you will be able to transfer BOTC to a wallet of your choice.

Does your team have token lockups?

Yes. Talla and BotChain team and stakeholder tokens are locked for 12 months from platform launch.

When you say Discount, do you mean Bonus?

No. These terms are mathematically different. Our tokens are priced using a discount structure, where the amount of discount available decreases as more tokens are sold. See our discount schedule above.

I am interested in participating in your Private sale of SAFTs. Who should I contact?

We are currently running a Private Sale for individual investors who prefer to invest in SAFTs rather than purchasing BOTC directly. We have a $100K minimum for institutional investors and funds, and a $50K minimum for individuals. Contact [email protected] if you are interested in joining the Private Sale.

When will your Public/Crowdsale sale be?

We will have a public crowdsale in Q3 2018, if unsold BOTC remains.

Who should I contact with questions?

Please join our telegram group at https://t.me/botchainICO