The Blockchain Platform for Managing Intelligent Agents

BotChain is an identity, audit, and skills marketplace platform for intelligent agents, built on a blockchain to enable the future of workplace automation.

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BotChain Enables the Future of Intelligent Assistance

Distributed ledger

Record, archive, and audit all communications between autonomous agents.

Standardized communication protocols

Make bot-to-bot workflows, such as smart contract negotiation, much simpler and support probabilistic outcomes.

Open marketplace

Access a marketplace of skills and modules for bots with no central control.

Token Details



Total supply


What this token represents

The token is used to pay for services in the BotChain network.

Initial price

$2.50 USD

Pre-sale discount


Tokens Generated
(40 Million)


Public Sale


Network Building (Partners & Advisors)


Team and Stakeholders


Talla Holdings



January 2018
  • Bot registration
  • Digital certificate V 0.1
  • Public Ethereum chain
September 2018
  • Off-channel private network for high throughput certificates
  • Digital certificate V 2.0
  • BotChain Explorer
  • Bot identity validation
June 2019
  • Bot-to-bot communication certificates
  • Multiple blockchain support
April 2018
Bot registration
  • Digital certificate V 1.0
  • Public Ethereum
  • Bot identity validation (beta)
January 2019
  • Skills marketplace (beta)
  • Sandbox for bot add-ons

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About Talla

The BotChain was created by the team at Talla Inc. After more than two years of building intelligent, AI-driven bots for the enterprise, Talla began pursuing their idea for BotChain. Talla is based in Boston, Massachusetts and has raised over $12 million dollars in venture capital, making it one of the most well-funded startups focused on building A.I. autonomous agents for the enterprise. The leadership team represents decades of experience in software development, Artificial Intelligence, startups, and innovation.

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