BotChain Enables Trust and Adoption of A.I. Agents

The blockchain platform for universal registration, identity validation, audit, and coordination of A.I. agents and autonomous software.

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The BotChain Distributed Ledger Provides

Universal Registration

The rapidly developing A.I. ecosystem needs standardization of bot identity registration that BotChain can provide.

Identity Validation

BotChain provides a reliable way to validate a bot can be trusted with sensitive information.

Immutable Event Ledger

Bot decisions can be hashed to the immutable BotChain ledger for later audit and compliance.

Transaction + Skills

The BotChain token (BotCoin) will provide the underlying currency for all bot transactions- from identity validation to collaboration and decision hashing.

Token Details



Total supply


What this token represents

The token is used to pay for services in the BotChain network.

Initial price

$2.50 USD

Pre-sale discount


Tokens Generated
(40 Million)


Public Sale


Network Building (Partners & Advisors)


Team and Stakeholders


Talla Holdings



February 2018
  • Bot registration
  • Digital certificate V 0.1
  • Public Ethereum chain
September 2018
  • Off-channel private network for high throughput certificates
  • Digital certificate V 2.0
  • BotChain Explorer
  • Bot identity validation
June 2019
  • Bot-to-bot communication certificates
  • Multiple blockchain support
April 2018
Bot registration
  • Digital certificate V 1.0
  • Public Ethereum
  • Bot identity validation (beta)
January 2019
  • Skills marketplace (beta)
  • Sandbox for bot add-ons

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About BotChain

The BotChain was created by the team at Talla Inc. After more than two years of building intelligent, AI-driven bots for the enterprise, Talla began pursuing their idea for BotChain. Talla is based in Boston, Massachusetts and has raised over $12 million dollars in venture capital, making it one of the most well-funded startups focused on building A.I. autonomous agents for the enterprise. The leadership team represents decades of experience in software development, Artificial Intelligence, startups, and innovation.

Executive Leadership


Service Providers

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